E16 - Iggy Domagalski of Tundra Process Solutions


I knew that some of these people had great ideas, but they were literally stuck in their basements.


Join me as I chat with Iggy Domagalski, CEO of Tundra Process Solutions and Calgary business leader.

Iggy takes us on his journey of leaving Poland for Calgary, and how surrounding himself with not only the right people but the right mentors to guide him along the way shaped him into the business leader he is today.

His fresh approach to creating a dynamic work culture with simple pick-me-ups like offering beer carts and bringing in DJ’s on Friday afternoons to liven up the office has helped grow Tundra Process Solutions from a team of 14 to 180 in 13 years, all during one of the worst downturns in Alberta’s history. With results like that, you’ll come away from this conversation knowing that Iggy’s perspective truly works.

You get the best out of people when you keep them at top of mind.

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