E19 - Haley Daniels, Canadian Slalom Canoe Athlete


As a young girl you want to go to the Olympics and you’re not allowed because of your gender. That’s insane.


Join me as I chat with Haley Daniels, Canadian National Team Athlete, and 2020 Summer Olympics hopeful.

Haley shares the trials and tribulations of being a competitive athlete in Canada while simultaneously fighting to have your sport featured in the Olympics. Her story takes us from canoeing with her parents as a toddler to the right words of encouragement from her coaches to competing on the international level, all credited to the hard work she puts in to running the business of being an athlete.

Her humility, work ethic and ability to adapt and excel, be it in her canoe or life, will inspire and motivate you to push yourself further, whether you’re an athlete or not.

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Daniel Johanson