Hello, my name is Tyler Chisholm, and I’d like to welcome you to They Just Get It, a podcast about, well, people who just get it.

At its heart, this is a podcast about caring and curiosity: who are the people in your life, your community, and your world making their mark, and, most importantly, making a difference? It’s about the people who seem to have it all figured; they just get it.

From time to time, we’re all guilty of minimizing these people -- especially their accomplishments. When we say things like "they are so lucky," “must be nice,” or "seems like they’ve got it all figured out,” we assume their journey was easy. By not digging deeper and finding out how they overcame challenges and worked for their success, we’re left in the dark; we’ll never learn, nor will we benefit from their hard-won experiences.

The only way I’ve found to move beyond my own limited assumptions is to ask questions. And not just superficial ones like “how are you today,” but rather the real questions that get to the heart of it.

Something amazing happens when you ask questions: you learn, you appreciate, and you gain a perspective that often, if not always, impacts how you see the world. Join me on this journey of curiosity; we’re going to meet some very cool people along the way.

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