E7 - Connor Curran of Local Laundry


Join me as I chat with Connor Curran the co-founder of Local Laundry.

Connor takes us along for the ride as he shares his stories of why sobriety is the best place to start when launching a new business, to his short lived career in oil and gas, to the best day of his life (Spoiler Alert: it was when he was laid off). His passion for community and his drive to not “mail it in” for the next 30 years will be inspiring for anyone who has passion for what they do or who is looking for some.

Local Laundry, the company that Connor co-founded is a Canadian based clothing company that aims to build community in everything that they do.  

They want to be Canada's Best Company at Building Community through their Five Pillars of Community:

  • Representing where you come from

  • Sharing Stories from the Community

  • Collaborating with other people wanting to have a positive impact on their Community

  • Giving Back to our Community through Local Charities.

  • Supporting Canadian based manufacturing

Each month they donate 10% of their profits to a local cause that their customers help them choose.

Their latest pillar is making the transition and commitment to only produce Made in Canada clothing to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs, a diversified Canadian economy as well as protecting the environment.

Connect with Connor:


Please visit locallaundry.ca to become part of the community.

Daniel Johanson