E17 - Lauren Pryor of Sweats in the City


there is something super valuable about working in the trenches … doing the thing


Join me as I chat with Lauren Pryor, founder of Sweats in the City, former Cross-Fit Athlete, and all-around passionate human being.

Lauren takes us on the journey that led to living her passion as a fitness entrepreneur, from her days as a heptathlete and later a Cross-Fit athlete, to a decade working in Oil & Gas to finally making the leap to running her own business. That business is Sweats in the City, where she helps her clients find their potential in wellness, and Sweatbrands, her online presence and marketing side-hustle.

Her practical advice on approaching the right health regimen for you and separating the good trainers from the great ones will give you a renewed energy to get your own health and fitness revved up. Because wellness is achieved through more than just working out and eating healthy.

It’s achieved by living happy and keeping motivated.

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