E20 - Blaine Penny, CEO of Mito Canada


When you go through something like this it forces you to re-evaluate your entire life.


Join me as I chat with Blaine Penny, CEO of Mito Canada, multiple Guinness World Record holder and caring parent.

Blaine shares the heartfelt story of his son’s diagnosis with mitochondrial disease which completely changed the trajectory of not only his life but of his family’s too. That change led to co-founding Mito Canada, a not-for-profit focused on raising awareness on mitochondrial disease, with the noted stunt of when Blaine became a Guinness World Record holder as The Fastest Man Ever to Run A Marathon Dressed As A Battery.

His commitment to his son, combined with his never-give-up attitude has taken him on a journey over the past 10 years that will leave you inspired, emotional and asking yourself:

What more can I do with my life?


Daniel Johanson