E13 - Alex Putici of Work Nicer Coworking


Create just enough friction for people to get traction…to get outside of your comfort zone.“


Join me as I chat with Alex Putici, founder and proud member of Work Nicer Coworking. 

Alex shares his story of his days on the farm, to cutting his professional skills selling alarm systems door-to-door and how both provided the insights that led to the founding of Work Nicer, Alberta’s largest coworking community. His passion for creating “just enough friction for people to get traction” is the foundational belief of Work Nicer that shows why co-working is not just sharing an office space, it is sharing the journey with your community.

His views on work will refresh and energize you to try something new and innovative. Because whether you are a solopreneur, or a team within a large multi-national, Alex’s core belief, and that of Work Nicer, is universal.

No one succeeds alone.

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Daniel Johanson