E14 - Pam Krause of Centre for Sexuality


Being out and being a leader are very congruent, you don’t have to change who you are


Join me as I chat with Pam Krause, proud member of the LGTBQ community and CEO of the Centre for Sexuality in Calgary.

Pam shares her story of growing up in Alberta during the ’60s and 70’as a lesbian, and how her own reality became the driving force to her life purpose of ensuring that everyone is given equal rights, opportunities, and inclusion. Pam leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to important issues that affect the LGTBQ community which others may take for granted, such as the use of proper pronouns to reproductive rights, as we discuss how far we’ve come and the work that still needs to be done.

Pam’s direct and honest take on these issues will leave you with a sense of responsibility for what we all can do to support this unique and loving community. 

Because everyone has the right to be respected as who they are, no questions asked.

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