E15 - Trevor Howie of Govan Brown


Failure isn’t necessarily a loss, you take the lessons learned from it and come out on the other side


Join me as I chat with Trevor Howie, Senior Vice President, West at Govan Brown & Associates.

Trevor shares his story of growing up in southern Ontario, pursuing a life as an Architect, running a tech start-up, to finally diving into building the Govan Brown brand in Calgary during the city’s worst downturn in more than 30 years.

In his role at Govan Brown & Associates, Trevor sees himself as a man on a mission to build a customer-first culture, believing that culture eats strategy for breakfast every day of the week. His humble and heartfelt views on culture and the value of always paying it forward will inspire you to strengthen your own working relationships.

Because not much happens in life without them.

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Daniel Johanson